Entry #7

07/06/2017- I'm still dead (also its my birthday tomorrow)

2017-06-07 14:05:06 by TheCactusGirl

Yooo I'm still dead

I'm actually working on a drawing atm (I literally have the Paint Tool SAI file open as I type) inspired by Jhonen Vasquez so expect that in a bit. I've got exams as well, and I start my GCSEs in September, including an Art GCSE (which are notorious for being really hard and time-consuming but I SuFEr fOr Ym ArT) so I'll probably be even less active (lol is that possible??)

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See you not-so-soon,



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2017-06-07 14:15:05

Happy 1 day early birthday!

TheCactusGirl responds:

:D thanks!


2017-06-07 14:37:58

Yep, im currently in my 2nd year of my art gcse, we did them early in year 9. Also we did our english lan exams early so yeah. Oh and also apparently the final art exam for year 11 is like 10 hours long spaced within 3 days

TheCactusGirl responds:

yeah, we start in year 9 too. I heard the exam was over 2 days, but that might be my school? idk :/


2017-06-07 14:38:14

also happy bday

TheCactusGirl responds:

*awkward thumbs-up*


2017-06-07 15:18:00

Happy early bday, w00t w00t.

TheCactusGirl responds:

*finger guns*