UPDATE 5/12/16

2016-12-05 13:49:15 by TheCactusGirl


I'm so sorry I'm so inactive, I'm pretty busy with schoolwork as of now, but the school holidays are soon, so I should post a bit more then. Again, I'm sorry for being inactive. I'll post some of my traditional artwork, maybe scan it on here and make it look nicer??? Idk. I can't make any promises, but I might try to upload kind of like an advent calender? So I'll post 5 pieces today, but then starting from now I'll try and post. Again, no promises are being made, I'll probably forget, but I'll try :D



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2016-12-06 12:52:32

Are you making something Christmas themed? Cause I am. If you were to make a holiday themed drawing, make it comedic, cause I'm also doing that kind of thing :D Hope to see your future art

TheCactusGirl responds:

Maybe, if I find something inspiring. I do most of my doodles in class, and my tablet stopped working properly (It works with Flash but not Paint Tool SAI anymore for some reason) so it'll probably be a paper doodle, or even a short animation if I've the time :)


2016-12-06 18:42:28

That's okay. Whenever I do my doodles in class I get my inspirations from the situations my classmates accidentally get themselves into. Just the other day it was snowing hard where I was and I got an inspiration from a snowball fight... And my classmates slipping on some ice (heh). I got involved in it because someone used me as a human shield when I had an umbrella they could hide behind :v I think you get the point now. Try to take some breaks at times, especially from the inspirations (if you were me), it's exhausting y'know.


2016-12-06 18:44:28

*cough cough practice makes perfect cough cough*